A partial list of representative clients or others with whom we have done business includes:

1. Boeing Capital Corporation

2. Export-Import Bank of the United States

3. McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation

4. Ryanair Airlines

5. Lion Airlines

6. COPA Airlines

7. Lan Airlines

8. Aviation Capital Group

9. Etihad Airways

10. Citibank, N.A.

11. ABN AMRO Bank, N.V.

12. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

13. Independent Operators of Corporate Jets

14. BNP Paribas

15. Private Export Funding Corporation

North Grounds Holding Co. is perfectly suited to assist in transactions involving the off-balance sheet treatment of power generating equipment, aircraft, and heavy machinery; acting as the conduit for a major securitization program involving financial assets; and acting as the owner and lessor of power plants, railroad rolling stock, aircraft and vessels. In addition to assuming the legal, tax and asset risks in these transactions, North Grounds Holding Co. provides all of the administrative services relevant to these bankruptcy-remote entities and facilitates our clients’ transactional needs on a daily basis.

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